Choosing A Granite Countertop For Your Kitchen

Choosing a Granite Countertop for Your Kitchen

Granite will create a luxurious feel and look to your kitchen.  Here are some tips to choosing the right granite to compliment your kitchen.

The most important factor in choosing granite for your kitchen is the color of your cabinets.  If you don’t have cabinets picked out for your dream kitchen start by choosing a color and grade of cabinetry that you like.

  • Cherry Cabinets – go very well with beige granite.  Going with a neutral color like this will contrast the darkness of the cherry cabinets.  Other granite colors that contrast nicely are yellow granite and gold granite colors.
  • Oak Cabinets – a great contrast color for oak is tan, silver, black or coffee colored granite.
  • Dark Brown Cabinets – Great matches for a dark brown, mocha or coffee colored cabinet are green, white or beige granite.
  • White Colored Cabinets – This will give your kitchen a sleek modern look the best granite colors for white cabinets are beige and black granite.

A great designer tip is to match the veins of the granite with the color of your cabinets.  At the end of the day it is what looks great to you.  Take a picture of your existing cabinets or use an online kitchen designer.  Viewing pictures and videos like Memphis granite countertops will give you a good idea of the cabinet countertop pairing that appeals most to you.


The next step is to plan your kitchen.  Start by creating a drawing of your kitchen or you can use a drawing provided by the cabinet designer, if not it is quick and easy

Start off with a basic layout of your kitchen.  Include an island if necessary, appliances and sink.

Next step is to take measurements of your existing kitchen.  Transfer all measurements to your layout to get accurate dimensions of all countertops.  Mark all dimensions length and width of all countertops.  Countertops against walls are typically 25-1/2” this allows for the overhang from the cabinet.  Next mark dimensions for your island.  For the island add 1-1/2” for the overhang all the way around.

Make notes on your drawing for:

  • Backsplash
  • Radius of island if necessary
  • Edge detail


It is recommended that you have an estimator come to your house to give you an accurate quote, schedule a professional estimator to visit your home and give you an accurate quote.  Have your drawing available.  Companies like Granite Countertops Memphis design and estimate kitchen countertops everyday so ask their opinion on layout, colors and the best use of materials for your dream kitchen.

Remember it is the details that gives your kitchen a wow factor.  Quote different edge details, with or without backsplash.  Pay particular attention to the kitchen island, this is where you can really impact the look of your kitchen the most.  Spend time viewing pictures and videos of other kitchens that appeal to you.  Your taste is what matters most for your dream kitchen.

Planning a Concrete Driveway Project


Before scheduling a meeting with a contractor you should develop a plan for your concrete driveway.  The grade and drainage play key roles in determining location of your driveway.  Curbs help with water runoff so think about if this will be needed for your project.  Consider a turn-around area or at least enough room to back up a vehicle to make exiting the driveway easy.


Next you must consider the cost of your new driveway.  When getting an estimate ask the contractor to bid your driveway project using several different dimensions.  Start with the minimal area you would need.  Then get a quote for your ideal driveway with plenty of room for parking and turning vehicles around.  Contractors have considerable costs to just having a crew show up onsite, so adding additional square footage to your project should lower the cost per square foot.

Check with neighbors or friends that have recently had a concrete project done in your area.  Ask them the cost and dimensions of their job to establish a per square foot price.  With a project this big for your home it is always a great idea to perform due diligence and research before starting.

Other costs to consider are local building permits and fees.  You should ask your contractor to provide all local building fees and permits.


Your driveway starts with a solid foundation.  Make sure the contractor you choose has a plan to put gravel (preferably #57 limestone) down as the subgrade for your driveway.  The gravel should be 2 to 8 inches thick depending on your soil conditions.  If your soil is hard then less gravel will be needed.  Next the contractor should use a vibratory tamper to compact the limestone.

Failure to have your driveway placed on a proper subgrade could result in many problems down the road such as uneven slabs and cracking.

Factors in determining a high quality concrete driveway:

  • Thickness – Minimal thickness for a driveway is 4” by adding another inch increases the load capacity by 20%. Most residential driveways are 4”.
  • PSI – minimum of 3000 psi for residential driveways, 4000 psi is ideal
  • Reinforcement – Most contractors will pour using a fiber mix. Ask your contractor to bid your project using a 6” x 6” wire mesh.  This is an additional cost but will give you added piece of mind that your driveway will hold up for years with less cracking.
  • Expansion Joints – An expansion joint is a black felt strip that should be used to control expansion of your concrete pushing up against your house, a garage or any structure. Freezing and thawing moves the concrete and can push up against your house causing damage to your foundation.
  • Control Joints – should be placed at minimum every 10 feet
  • Conditions the day of pouring – Too hot or too cold can cause problems that you may not see the day of the pour. If concrete dries to quickly the strength of the concrete is compromised.  When pouring in cold temperatures your contractor should use concrete blankets, this insures the concrete dries evenly.

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